Adobe AIR Enterprise Configuration

As I mentioned in my earlier post on enterprise deployment, Adobe AIR does support some enterprise configuration settings. There are three currently supported configuration items, specific to AIR:

  1. Enable/disable automatic AIR updates. If you’ve deployed AIR in a lock-down environment, you’ll want to disable automatic updates since users won’t be able to install them, anyway.
  2. Enable/disable the installation of AIR applications. If you want to limit users to applications already installed on their machine, you can disallow the installation of any additional AIR applications.
  3. Enable/disable the installation of AIR applications with unknown publishers. You might use this setting if you want to allow users to install applications, but only the less-risky applications that come from known publishers.

All of these options default to enabled. They can be configured in Windows-based enterprises via policy settings managed via Active Directory. For more information, see Administering Adobe AIR.

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