Redistribution and Silent Install

When I first posted about AIR’s support for enterprise deployment, there was some confusion over whether or not silent installation was allowed. That was problematic because, in enterprise scenarios, silent install is generally required. (Note that it’s not required for all redistribution scenarios; some of those involve GUI-based installation from a CD, for example.)

When we released AIR 1.1 last month, we also made changes to the redistribution license and documentation to clarify this situation. Silent installation is now supported for anyone who has a redistribution agreement, whether that agreement was signed before or after these changes. For details, see the updated redistribution documentation.

6 Responses to Redistribution and Silent Install

  1. Chad Upton says:

    Is the silent install just for the runtime, or can I use it to package and silently install my AIR app as well?

  2. Oliver Goldman says:

    Silent install is supported for both AIR and your application.

  3. Rui says:

    How can I install my ‘MyApp.air’ application silently from the command-line?Is there something like ‘MyApp.air -silent’ (-silent doesn’t work)?

  4. Oliver Goldman says:

    @Rui: You can install your application silently by using the installer made available to you when you sign the redistribution license.

  5. @Oliver: Who should one contact to sign the redistribution license? I have a couple of applications in crying need of silent installations.[Sign up at Adobe AIR Runtime Distribution —Oliver]

  6. roger says:

    the latest version (3.1) silent install fails no matter how i try it. WIN7 x64