Adobe AIR Team Blog

The Adobe AIR team now has its own Adobe AIR team blog. I (and other team members) will continue to post separately, but we hope to use this new blog to provide yet another way to increase communication between the team and our customers.

2 Responses to Adobe AIR Team Blog

  1. Oscar says:

    Hi Oliver,First, thank you so much for a great blog! We learn things new and important about Adobe AIR here, so please continue to write for us.Incidentally, do you know why the Adobe AIR team and staff do not respond to questions or posts about multi-page printing in AIR? Just curious why nobody from Adobe responds to multi-page printing issues/questions, even on the Adobe AIR forums? :(Do you know if there’ll be new developments in this area?We’ll appreciate any feedback/posts on this.Thanks!Oscar[No, I don’t know why you’re not getting any responses on this. Improved printing is under consideration for a future release. As always, the best place to request a new feature is —Oliver]

  2. Oscar says:

    Thanks Oliver. At least I now know that it’s being considered for inclusion in a future release.It’s really a badly-needed feature for the desktop and I hope it will be a robust API.I developed a commercial HTML/Sqlite/Javascript/Ajax AIR application for a client who asked me 3 months later to add report printing functionality using the SQLite data. I was disappointed and embarrassed to find out that I couldn’t provide a professional-enough report-printing feature because of AIR’s current weak printing API.Anyway, thanks for responding.Oscar