GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate Discount

GlobalSign is currently running a discount on Adobe AIR code signing certificates, selling one-year certificates for $99.

If your applications are publicly available, you should be using a CA-issued certificate, such as one from GlobalSign, VeriSign, or Thawte. This price is a discount of $130, making this a good time to make the switch. See Code Signing in Adobe AIR for more on why this matters, and Switching Certificates for information on how to transition from your current certificate to a new one.

For those who are wondering, no, I’m not receiving anything from GlobalSign for posting this.

4 Responses to GlobalSign Code Signing Certificate Discount

  1. Dave Cates says:

    Wow! Just in time too as we’re about to buy one for our current Air project! But, I can’t find that offer on the global sign website. Can you provide a link?? Thanks![I’ve added a link to the entry… meant to put that in the original post. —Oliver]

  2. Or you could not bother. The vast majority of users are trained by now to just click ‘yes’ no matter what the question is, hardly any of them will bother to read the dialogue or even notice the red bit went yellow.

  3. Nancy says:

    GlobalSign $99 promotion expired in the end of March 2009.

  4. I have a standard price of $99 per year on Comodo certificates that can be used for Adobe air (and anything else without purchasing a new cert). has the information and order page links.