Performance-Tuning AIR Applications at the Adobe Developer Center

Interested in improving the performance of your AIR application? Have a look at Performance-Tuning AIR Applications, at the Adobe Developer Center. (This is a follow-up to my MAX 2008 presentation on the same subject.)

2 Responses to Performance-Tuning AIR Applications at the Adobe Developer Center

  1. Damon Edwards says:

    What are some techniques that you may know of for improving progressively downloaded videos? Ive read your article over and over but I’m not seeing any cases where it would help when playing a progressively downloaded video.. Any help is greatly appreciated, maybe a finger in the right direction.Thank you[I’m not sure I could provide a useful answer without better understanding what you mean by “improving”. What metrics are you using? How are you measuring them? I’m not sure if this article has performance improvement tips that will help, but I think the basic approach to optimization still applies. —Oliver]

  2. Damon Edwards says:

    Sorry for being so vague, I must not have proof read my post. In my application, I’m playing progressively downloaded videos through a simple player I’ve made. The player includes play/stop, download/playhead progress, volume and a full screen button. It’s a very simple player. However, when my application launches, it almost instantly kicks on the fans for all the computers it runs on, and cpu usage spikes.I guess I just don’t understand how I can optimize a downloaded stream. I have no control over the bitrate the video plays at correct? There are other things happening in this application, but if I remove my video player the fans never kick on.[Video decoding requires a lot of cycles; about the only thing you can do to reduce that cost is use a lower bitrate. The bitrate for streaming video is generally controlled by the server, although sometimes with feedback from the client. —Oliver]