API Tip: File.nativePath ≠ File.url

Recently we’ve seen a number of developers get tripped up on code similar to this sample:

// Don’t copy; this code is wrong
myURLLoader.load( new URLRequest( myFile.nativePath ));

This code is wrong: myFile.nativePath returns a file path, but the constructor to URLRequest expects a URL. It’s easy to make this mistake for two reasons:

  1. In ActionScript, both file paths and URLs are of type String. Thus, the compiler cannot determine that one is being used in place of the other.
  2. Sometimes, especially on Windows, this code works anyway. This is a side-effect of some too-lenient URL parsing code in the runtime.

Taken together, these two issues make it easy to write incorrect code that works on Windows and yet fails rather inexplicably when run on Mac OS or Linux. Fortunately, the fix is easy: substitute myFile.uri for myFile.nativePath, and all will work as expected.

// Correct version of the code
myURLLoader.load( new URLRequest( myFile.url ));

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