Unique Device Identifiers on AIR Mobile

Application developers frequently want a mechanism by which they can track a device’s identity. Such a value is frequently used in conjunction with copy protection schemes to, for example, limit the total number of devices on which a user can view purchased content.

AIR ostensibly does not include an API for obtaining such an identifier. Such an API would be straightforward to implement on iOS, since iOS itself provides an identifier that can be used for this purpose. However, on Android, no such facility is provided. Seems surprising to some, but even the Android team agrees.

How to work around it? I recommend using Math.random() to generate an ID on first launch and save it locally. It’s portable, and does a better job of protecting user privacy than the iOS device identifier does. Of course it can be reset, but then users also sometimes lose or dispose of devices, so any scheme needs a mechanism to flush old device IDs from the system as “no longer in use.”

One Response to Unique Device Identifiers on AIR Mobile

  1. Morgan Wild says:

    Yes the math.random() method works but it’s very easy to hack it :/
    I think it’s better to use a native extension and get the real device ID.
    If someone have a link for this kind of ANE….

    (Sorry for my bad english 😉