AIR 2.6 Extended Migration Signature Grace Periods

Returning to the ever-popular subject of the AIR desktop signing mechanism, I want to point out that the grace period for applying a migration signature with your old certificate has been extended from six months (AIR 2.5 and earlier) to one year (AIR 2.6 and beyond).

Those familiar with the details will recall that updating to a new certificate for a desktop AIR application goes something like this:

  1. Sign the new version of the app with your new certificate.
  2. Sign the new version of the app a second time with your old certificate.

The second signature is referred to as the migration signature.

The new certificate, not surprisingly, must be valid when used to sign. For the old certificate, however, we allow a grace period after the certificate expires. This avoids the need to have both certificates valid at the same time, which can be difficult to arrange. This period was initially six months, but this proved a bit too short in some situations. As of AIR 2.6, the grace period is now one year.

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