MAX 2011 Follow-up

Thanks to all of you who attended my MAX talks earlier this week! I had a great time presenting, and always enjoy the chance to meet people in person.

Slides and video of my Adobe MAX 2011 presentations are now available online. The two talks are largely the same, with some mobile- versus desktop-specific details appearing in the last 15 minutes or so of each.

How to Extend Your Mobile AIR Applications Using Native Extensions: video on Adobe TV, and slides on

How to Extend Your Desktop AIR Applications Using Native Extensions: video on Adobe TV, and slides on


2 Responses to MAX 2011 Follow-up

  1. Doug says:

    Thanks Oliver – I enjoyed your preso! I have a question though – what’s the purpose of the extData argument in the initializer, contextInitializer and finalizer functions?

    • Oliver Goldman says:

      It gives the extension a place to store some data during initialization—usually a pointer—that’s then handed back to it when the extension is invoked. For example, if you allocate a C++ object for each new context, you could store a pointer to it in extData. Extensions could do this for themselves, but this simplifies the bookkeeping.