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Adobe AIR Supports Enterprise Deployment

Adobe AIR supports enterprise deployment. There, I’ve said it. We’ve had a bit of trouble getting this message out, so I wanted to be clear about this right up front.

Now, before anyone jumps all over me for this one, I’m also sure we could do a better job of supporting enterprise deployment. If you’ve deployed AIR in an enterprise setting and have thoughts on what we could do better, please send them our way.

If you aren’t familiar with AIR’s enterprise support—and, as I said, you’re probably not—here’s what you can do now, in AIR 1.0:

  • You can deploy AIR and AIR-based applications via enterprise deployment tools like Microsoft SMS and IBM Tivoli,
  • You can disable auto-update of both AIR and AIR-based applications, and
  • You can configure which applications, if any, AIR will permit to be installed.

I’ll dive into more detail on some of these items in future posts, but there’s one more thing I want to cover now. If you want to deploy AIR in an enterprise setting from a centralized server of some sort, instead of deploying it from Adobe’s download servers, then you’re redistributing AIR. We typically allow this, but you do have to sign a redistribution license in order to be granted the necessary rights. See the redistribution site for further information.

Oh, and feel free to spread the word!

AIR 1.0 is Done; Now Redistribute It

Over the course of our beta releases I’ve fielded many, many questions about whether or not it would be possible to redistribute AIR and, if so, how that would work. We’ve promised this would be possible, but haven’t allowed it with the beta releases. Now that 1.0 has arrived, I’m pleased to be able to deliver on this promise.

If you’re interested in taking advantage of this, instructions are now posted. You’ll be asked to accept a distribution agreement and, upon approval, will receive the necessary files and instructions for redistribution.

A couple of quick highlights:

  • You cannot redistribute the runtime from your own web site. For web-based install, please use the browser API and our badged install capability.
  • Writing your own bootstrapper is not necessary. If you want to use the standard AIR installation UI, you can use the provided installer as-is.