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iPod sketches

A couple of quickies using Brushes app in the iPod


Lycans in the house

Taking the day off today but I always sketch. This afternoon it’s hair and claws.

Found an older sketch I wanted to include in this batch made with pencil and good ‘ol Papermate black pen – the kind you get 12 in a box for a few bucks. It’s real easy to do whispy lines with them…

Color Pencils and Animals

From time to time I bring my color pencils along for the ride and see "things" out our world that inspire… what you see here.

Girl at the Cafe

Drawing folks in a public setting can be a daunting task, especially if you forget your sunglasses.

Sans Title 5/22

from Mike





San Jose on Thursday

A nice day in San Jose, the fountains are on and kids are on the loose…

May, wind and sun

I don’t know, I have just been in one of those moods and not sure what I want to draw. But I did get some new pens to try out – Zebra Sarasa 0.5 and 1.0. The next two pages are just those two pens.
I really like the Zebra Sarasa 1.0 but the Pilot HiTec C pens are still the best for me. Now I wish they would make a large size like 1.0!

So after seeing the previous drawings Joe suggested Eskimo Vampires and here they are… time to sketch ~29min 14 seconds 🙂

People are strange when you’re stranger…

Monsters, Goblins, and more

For my pal Leonardo

Femularis Beautius…