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Superman (after John Byrne)

They say it’s good to practice after the masters… so I did.

Wildsville, LA


What would happen if a group of college kids got lost… I’ll let you write the rest of the story.

Water based Oil Paintzs – Yeah that is what I said!


Take a break to a do a painting, good for the art Skeeels. This one I did a while back, not really an Adobe Sketch… I may stray from time to time.

Wolves in my Dreams and another Desiree drawing…

Blog Entry dated 6/19/09 10:07 AM

Trying out some gouaches from Winsor & Newton. -Mike

Just a Girl…

Unrelated to the previous post but she is always on my mind: Say hello to Desiree.

A Pencil on strathmore board. I would consider this a rough sketch because when I ink my own work I can afford to be loose.

Under Construction…

Began thinking of what to do in the near future with regards to stories, art, and then this happened.

Sunset study

More gouache work -Mike

Monday Night Sketch

Birthday Card

Did a birthday card for my mom. Here are the the images from the envelope flap and the card. The flap was done with watercolor pencils, pen and a touch of gouache. The card is gouache and pen.