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Dragon Fly

Project Funway painting

Linda Raasch worked her magic and the kids of Project Funway showed off their “wears.”

This is one Photoshop CS5 speed painting from that event.

WWII Garrapata SP

Garrapata State Park (California) photo walk, Google 3d model, Photoshop CS5

Alcatraz Escape!

Daz 3D model, Alcatraz (San Francisco, California) photo walk, Photoshop Cs5

Peanuts on the Beach

Work in progress. Still need to touch up Elephant and foam.

Using Photoshop CS5, 3D Daz Elephant model, and photo taken on beach in Davenport, Califronia

Advanced Photoshop Issue 72

3D Artist Magazine issue 18

Green and proud of it…

Daz 3D model and a simple Collada Plane with the right materials applied.