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Lightroom 1 Easter Egg

The complete Easter egg with all the hidden elements revealed.

Lightroom 1 Easter Egg

Lightroom 1 Easter Egg by Daniel Presedo

Lightroom 2 Easter Egg

Lightroom 2 Easter egg

Lightroom 2 Easter egg by Daniel Presedo

Lightroom 3 Easter Egg

Here is the Lightroom 3 Easter Egg by yours truly.

Photo taken at the Very Large Array in New Mexico, 3D car (Daz 3D) and some other Photoshop tweaks.

Advanced Photoshop Magazine tutorial coming…

In Advanced Photoshop Magazine issue #72, Daniel Presedo covers how to create this image using a Daz 3D model and Photoshop Extended CS5.

CS5 Painting


3D: BMW in Valencia Spain

Photoshop Cs5 3D:
3D Artist magazine arrived in my mailbox so I took their BMW model (3ds) and dropped it on one of my photos from Valenica, Spain. Modified the materials with the ones from Photoshop and did a Final render.
Took about 15-20 minutes for the whole project.
*You can now see this image in 3D Artist Magazine Issue 18 > Letters Page…3D_BMW_in_Valencia__Spain_by_dramenon.jpg

Olympic doodle


Photoshop 12 (Cs5) alternate splash screen


Fish of the sea beware…


Ink and markers