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January 22, 2006

After Effects 7.0 Pro Tryouts Available

I was just notified that the AE tryouts are now available. It looks like the ftp site hasn't been wired up to the tryout link off the AE product page, but I expect that to happen tomorrow.

In the mean time, you can access the tryouts here: Mac and Win.

The tryouts are fully functional for 30 days after installation.

Posted by Steve Kilisky at 8:56 PM on January 22, 2006


Peter Van den Wyngaert | NRG.BE — 2:21 AM on January 23, 2006

I'm still waiting for the Production Studio Premium to arrive, so this tryout is a nice bonus to ease the waiting time. Great news Steve!

A bit off topic: Since the new interface totally rocks, is Adobe planning to put the interface overhaul into more products (Photoshop, Illustrator, etc)?

Anyway, amazing work you guys did! Looking forward to PS alike Layer Folders now (hint hint!).

John Nack — 10:41 AM on January 23, 2006

Peter, I can't go into specifics (naturally), but the Creative Suite teams are keeping a close watch on the UI work done in the Production Studio. It's great to see the positive response to the smarter palette management, and we'll look at ways to adapt concepts to fit CS apps (which include different design challenges--multiple windows open at once, etc.).

--John (Photoshop PM)

Trevor Coates — 7:18 PM on January 26, 2006

I was wondering given that tryouts have been made available if it would be possible for them to be used as upgrades at some time in the future. Alias with Maya do. You receive your update code on order and can download the update immediately with the disks despatched when conveinient.
I ask because here in Australia trying to update After Effects is a mortifyingly slow process. I ordered my upgrade a week ago with an ETA of middle of Feb. if I am lucky.
Yet I can go pick up a full version of AE right now???
This happens every update. Mentioned it to the local Adobe folks.
I would have thought Adobe considers existing customers as important. At least as important as new ones. I have spent thousands on AE over the years.

Mr impatient Trev

Steve Kilisky — 10:35 PM on January 26, 2006

Hi Trevor,

We wanted to enable the tryouts to be "try and buy" as opposed to "try and die", but ran into some technical issues that prevented it this time around. Hopefully we'll have it for the next release. I think it is a great idea.

I'm sorry to hear that your upgrade order is on backlog. It wasn't intentional that new units would be available before upgrades. Everything should have been available simultaneously. I will look into this & try to ensure we don't repeat this again going forward.

Thanks for your patience and support of After Effects.

David Eells — 8:37 AM on January 28, 2006

I just downloaded the tryout version (I have 6.5 Pro) and the initial install screen says "please install the bundled plug-ins located next to the After Effects installer. The Cycore Effects need to be installed in order to utilize some of the new effects presets included with After Effects 7.0."
I'm not seeing the bundled plug-ins. Are they not included in the tryout?

stephen Kilisky — 6:25 PM on January 28, 2006

Hi David,

There are links to trout versions of the Cycore Effects on the After Effects Tryout web page.

Mac: (

Win: (

Hope this helps,


Trevor Coates — 2:10 PM on January 29, 2006

Thanks for responding Steve.
I would appreciate your looking into the delivery disparity.
I'd be nice for it to disappear.
I believe the problem is more over here than there.
Over here AE is considered a 'non-wharehouse item'. As I was told when I was once so incensed with the delay that I made many phone calls trying find out why it was taking so long. In the end I was escalated high enough for the upgrade to be air-mailed express. That was for the upgrade to V5.0.


Trevor Coates — 6:00 PM on February 5, 2006

We are still waiting for the V7 upgrade. Today makes 3 weeks.

Maybe you might consider making the trial version go for 90 days just to cover us poor negelected antipidean folks who have to wait so long for upgrades.

I have only 2.5 weeks before the trial runs out. Luckly I have been smart enought not to start any serious projects in version 7.0 otherwise I wouldn't be able to finish them.

Is it really accepable to you that loyal customers have to wait 3 weeks to what is seriously starting to look like over a month for upgrades?

I am begining to get extremely upset over this. I have one foot in both versions. My business is less competative because I am unable to use the latest version of important software.

Why can't you for just this once override whatever the procools are and airlift some upgrades to us.

Adobe has always been pretty weird about upgrades but this...this is just awful.

It sure makes your competors look good.

Not happy Jan

Trevor Coates — 1:39 PM on February 20, 2006

Thanks for your intervention Steve.
Nick Hodge of Adobe Aust. has helped maintain my faith in Adobe.

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