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September 30, 2006

Giving Ken Burns the 3rd Degree

Unintentionally, I goaded Bob Donlon, our resident Digital Video guru to post a 3D pan and scan tutorial (AKA Ken Burns effect) on his blog. Thanks, Bob!

Out of the blue this morning, in between keeping up with the Phillies attempt to make the playoffs (wishful thinking) I was going through my bookmarks and stumbled across an excellent 3D PIcture Trick" tutorial by Daniel Brown, a former resident Digital Video chef, inspired by the amazing 2D into 3D work of Patrick Siemer.

In addition to this tutorial, there are some additional tips and trick for AE users on the Adobe Evangelists site (although mostly geared to AE 6.5 and earlier), however, if you are an avid Photoshop user, there is a copious amount of excellent info provided by Julieanne Kost, Adobe's resident Graphic Arts guru (she keeps Russell Brown on his toes).

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September 22, 2006

Favorite Shortcuts #1 & #2

A few of us were at lunch talking about AE and someone mentioned that they thought the SS key was an underappreciated keyboard shorcut. So this post is dedicated to the SS shortcut and its inventor.

Oh right what does SS do? SS is a way to solo all selected properties of a layer or across multiple layers.

My personal current fav shortcut is the tilde key which maximizes the panel under the mouse cursor to full screen. Great way to focus your attention on the Comp or Timeline panels. Not recommended for the info Panel though.

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Callin all Motionographers

About 6 months ago I discovered Justin Cone's Tween blog. Not only was it an excellent resource and source of inspiration for motion graphics designers, I really enjoyed Justin's writing style and sense of humor.

I got back from my sabbatical and discovered that Tween has evolved into Motionographer, which has now replaced Yahoo Sports as my daily morning read as I eat my bowl of oatmeal and blueberries (super foods to go along with a super read).

Thanks Justin and the rest of the contributors for creating this site.

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September 18, 2006

3 free Lessons from AE Classroom in a Book (CIB)

Short entry today.

The Adobe Design Center is one of those resources that I sense not many people use that is chock full of goodness. I just noticed that 3 chapters from the AE CIB including source files are posted here.

A review of the CIB by Aanarav Sareen appears on CreativeCOW.

Happy keystroking.

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September 15, 2006

And the Beat Goes On

I was poking around the Artbeats web site and discovered they have a Tips n Tricks section that has quite a few AE tutorials by Trish and Chris Meyer, Steve Holmes, and Angie Taylor; all long-time and very talented After Effects users.

Lots of good stuff to add to one's bag-o-tricks.

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September 14, 2006

Worlds Colliding?

Its good to be back in the "blogosphere" after a 9 week vacation to clear the mind. Amazing how much I forgot (passwords, url for blog entries, a few AE keyboard shortcuts).

I just got back from Austin, TX where I was attending/speaking at FlashForward. Trish & Chris Meyer did an all day intensive session of AE (talk about making your head spin if you've never seen AE in action before). I was intrigued to see how many Flash users are using AE or in the process of figuring out what it can do and how it will fit into the interactive work they are creating today; which in many cases is very motion graphics intensive. From a design, layering and animation perspective, there is very little difference between an AE user and a Flash user (other than an as Trish, Chris and I lamented; motion blur, subpixel positioning, and a few other things an AE user couldn't imagine not having in their arsenal).

In any event, I digress. The worlds of "broadcast motion graphics" and "Flash animation" are coming closer together. It makes me wonder are more Flash users adopting AE or AE user adopting Flash. Given what is happening in the Web space (advertising $'s shifting there, video sharing sites popping up all over the place, proliferation of FlashVideo, and the Stephen Colbert Green Screen Challenge) ;-), the cross-pollination/merging of these communities is inevitable (from my vantage point).

Two of the highlights of the FlashForward conference for me (besides Texas BBQ), were seeing Silvia Pompei's documentary short Flash Goes to Hollywood about the use of Flash for character animation; and being turned on to coldhardflash, a web site dedicated to providing daily news about Flash being used in TV production. Lots of excellent stories and inspiration that will appeal to animators no matter what tools they use in their craft.

Last but not least, if you are a more film/video centric person and want to dip your toes into the world of Flash, you might want to look into spending a day or two at FITC, Hollywood,10/5-10/7.

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