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November 16, 2006

Look What I Found on YouTube

I usually only go to YouTube when someone tells me about something I might find interesting or funny. But today I had one of those "ah-ha" moments and said to myself "self, I wonder if people are sharing their motion graphics work on YouTube?"

So I did a search on "motion graphics after effects" and was pleasantly surprised to see how many videos were tagged with these keywords. So how do I decide which one to watch first.

I sorted by ratings and there are quite a few 4 and 4.5 star ratings (but no 5 stars). One video caught my eye. It was rated 4 stars, had over 4,000 ratings, 543,000 views, 1750 comments, and was favorited almost 4,000 times. The piece I am referring to is called Float

Kudos on both the idea and execution. The creator is Steven Watkins and from his Web site was done as part of a university research project (which re-affirms my belief that the best projects don't involve clients, which makes me realize I probably owe an apology to every AE user that's had me as a client).

I've posted many times about my admiration of 3D from 2D motion graphics. I am also an admirer of beautiful examples of typography animation. And this is one I really like.

I look forward to seeing episodes two and three of this project.

Posted by Steve Kilisky at 4:33 PM on November 16, 2006