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November 4, 2006

Out of the Dark Ages

A little off-topic, but I've had a major software nirvana experience.

Not to make excuses for not blogging more often (Thanks Steve Wolkoff for the link), but one of the main deterrents for me was the awful Moveable Type interface for creating entries. I thought nothing could have been worse for me than trying to learn/use WordStar in the mid 80's, but I was wrong.

But then I discovered the recently released Adobe Contribute 4. It's changed my blogging life (gratuitous use of formatting). While Contribute is much more than for blog editing, if you are a blogger; it was a snap to connect to my blog server, create and format entries in a WYSIWYG interface and add links. It even has spell checking (although I was amused that 'blog' was not in the dictionary)!

I've just begun to explore the features, but it looks like styles, images, video, and more are easy to add as well. Maybe I'll add a table next time just for grins. Now if I knew what this trackback feature was (off to the help file).

Does this mean, I'll be blogging more frequently? Not necessarily, as my family has limited my time on the computer at home (I got an all-day pass today as its my birthday), but at least it won't be cursing MT while I'm writing any longer.

Posted by Steve Kilisky at 3:23 PM on November 4, 2006


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