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January 3, 2007

Before and After

Invisible effects are almost by definition under appreciated. How can you admire something you can't see. An email from Grant Lovering at RESIN reminded me why I like to watch "Before & After" shots. RESIN just posted a very nice reel of Before/After shots. If you have a reel of Before and After shots you'd like to share, please post a comment with a link.

Also, while your visiting the RESIN web site check out a great 3D from 2D example created in After Effects.

Posted by Steve Kilisky at 1:54 PM on January 3, 2007


Wes Plate — 2:23 PM on January 3, 2007

Thanks for the post, Steve, that is a great video.

Klim — 8:28 PM on January 5, 2007

I love watching these.


And a bunch here:

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