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April 20, 2007

What Happens in Vegas...

... doesn't always stay in vegas.

If you couldn't attend NAB, or were there and happened to miss out on the demo of the new Adobe Media Player which was announced on Monday; no worries. We've have posted an on- demand webcast our customer event where we presented the Adobe Media Player. The webcast also has great presentations from Stu Maschwitz from the Orphanage, and Ron Ames and Adam Gerstel from the Basement (profile on There are also interviews with a few Adobe folks and an Interview with Rob Legato as well.

While a trade show like NAB allows attendees to be able to see products firsthand, speak directly with representatives from manufacturers, and kindle/rekindle old and/or new relationships (I did!), I noticed some changes that make wonder how far off we are from the "virtual" trade show.

More than any other year, I never saw so many individuals representing the media, user groups, and professional associations creating audio and video podcasts covering the show. Combine this with countless blog postings from the media and individuals attending the show, and it makes me wonder if we will reach a day when we won't need to abuse our feet from walking miles on hard concrete (although I must say if there was an award for booth with the best carpet padding, the Adobe booth would be the winner in my opinion) trade show floors. While this might be a far-fetched fantasy, today people who can't come to NAB can get a pretty good feel for what's happening on the show floor.

Posted by Steve Kilisky at 5:58 PM on April 20, 2007


Peter Kahn — 9:08 AM on April 21, 2007

Nothing beats the real thing. Learned a ton,,, got all my questions answered, (for today) and got to meet new people and catch up with old. Only downside is the 1000% fatigue factor but I wouldn't miss events like NAB ever. How can all that energy, excitement, and pure pumpitude be delivered any other way.

Good to see you again, Steve.

I tend to agree with you. Its knda like the gathering of the clans mixed with a little burning man

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