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February 20, 2006

fxguide podcast and After Effects 7.0 Review

Last week I was in Chicago to participate in a Production Studio seminar. While we were there we met with John Montgomery an industry veteran (for lack of better words) and one of the guiding forces behind fxguide, in my opinion one of the best sites for keeping up on what is happening in the world of visual effects.

In addition to writing a review of AE7 from a visual effects perspective, John interviewed Dave Simons and myself for a podcast. The nuggets in this interview came from Dave, who talked in depth with John about our HDR and color management implementation until parental responsibilities kicked in (it was 7am Seattle time) and Dave had to focus on toddler needs. We ran over our 30 minute time slot allocation so hopefully John edited me out and left all of Dave's comments in.

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January 20, 2006

Podcasts - Take 1

The way we communicate with each other is evolving at an amazing pace. I remember when I first connected to Compuserve on a 2800 Kb modem (hope I'm not dating myself, I was very young!). The feeling of euphoria I experienced then is much the same way I feel now as I become involved with blogs and podcasts. I'm still a newbie when it comes to these communication mediums but my interest in podcasts makes me take pause to consider how podcasts renewed my interest in "radio".

I thought I'd share with you a few of the podcasts that I've discovered that talk about topics related to motion graphics and professional video in general. If you have other favorite related podcasts, please post a comment. Now that I have my iPod wired into my car, I enjoy listening to them as I cross the 520 Bridge over Lake Washington heading to the Adobe office in Seattle, as well as to pass the time on those long plane flights that have become my "alternate" commute vehicle [When will a domestic airline get with the times and offer in-flight WiFi?].

Here is what I'm listening to:
Philip Hodgetts introduced me to the concept of Internet radio. He was podcasting on the old web site before podcasting existed as a term. Today he is the inspiration (and perspiration) behind the Digital Production Buzz podcast Besides giving air time to marketing folks like myself, I like listening to the interviews about the various projects people in the industry are working on. Plus while I don't alway agree with Philip, I find his perspectives thought provoking.

When I think of online communities for digital media professionals, Ron & Kathlyn Lindeboom are the first people that come to mind. Going back to the days of the Media100 WWUG and today with the Creative COW its offspring Creative Calf, the COW is one of the best places to connect with other users of digital media software. Recently they have expanded the community into the world of podcasts. I enjoy listening to both their main podcast and for all AE, all the time (including video podcasts) Aharon Rabinowitz hosts the AE podcast at

Last but not least (for this entry on podcasts) isTotal Training's video podcasts by Brian Maffitt. While just in its infancy, Brian is a true zenmaster when it comes to AE and he is joined by a set of experts who share their tips and tricks using software for digital media production.

More to come in future entries...

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