‘Getting Started with Adobe Captivate’ series is now available!!

New to Adobe Captivate? Want to get a feel for what you can do with Adobe Captivate? Read up the articles and go through the videos in the ‘Getting Started with Adobe Captivate’ series at http://www.adobe.com/support/captivate/gettingstarted.html

This series consists of:
• Approximately 100 short articles that would help you get started with Adobe Captivate features
• 30+ videos that explain the procedures to perform the associated tasks

A brief introduction to the series:

The Adobe Captivate Getting Started series is workflow-based — the users are guided step-by-step to create and publish their projects using Cp. The workflows are categorized into Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced levels, keeping in mind the different skill levels of users. For example, a Basic user is presented with a simple workflow with four quick steps to create a sample demonstration in Adobe Captivate. An Advanced user is guided from the designing and setting-up-a-process level to the final refined output of the Adobe Captivate project.

Basic Intermediate Advanced
1.Record 1.Create 1.Design
2.Edit 2.Edit 2.Set Up
3.Preview 3.Enrich 3.Create
4.Publish 4.Preview 4.Enhance
5.Share 5.Enrich
6.Publish 6.Aggregate

So, get started right away!