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Brand new update for Dreamweaver CC available now!

Whats New in Adobe Dreamweaver CC update 13.1 August 2013

For all those who are using Dreamweaver CC that was released in June, 2013, here’s some awesome news! The Adobe team has put together great enhancements and features in just three months and has released an update yesterday.

The latest update, Dreamweaver 13.1 is packed with the following features and enhancements:



  • New color picker
  • Live Highlight to easily identify elements affected by a specific CSS Selector
  • Keyboard shortcuts and Workspace settings synchronization with the cloud
  • Code View enhancements: Line number highlighting, tag, and attribute highlighting, and more.
  • Modernized Live View that is rendered by Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF)

For detailed information, see this article.

How do I upgrade to the latest version? Well, all it takes is just a click. Open the Adobe Application Manager. You will see a blue color ‘Update’ link against Dreamweaver CC. Click Update and follow the on-screen instructions.