About the Team

Here’s some info about the Social Media team at Adobe:

The Social Media team enables a more coordinated and strategic approach to social media across Adobe. Our charter includes providing training, governance and knowledge sharing across the company. And here on our blog is where we get to share our learnings with the world.


Team members and their areas of focus:

Maria Poveromo: Director of Social Media

Matt Rozen: Brand and Corporate Initiatives

Rachel Luxemburg: Community

Jen Atkinson: Measurement, Analytics, and Social Ecommerce

Maria Saltz: Social Measurement and Analytics

Jennifer Kremer: Creative Suite, Creative Cloud, and Touch Tools

Lori DeFurio: Acrobat

John Dowdell: Community Engagement

Nitesh Mehta: Social Ecommerce

Pooja Prasad: Trainings, Corporate Social Channels, Events, International Social

Scott Carter: Monitoring, Reporting, and Industry Trends

Brooke Keating: Monitoring and Governance

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