Six Halloween Costumes Inspired By Current Memes & Social Media

Got your costume all ready for Halloween?! … Of course you don’t, it’s still a whole two days away! But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with these last-minute DIY costumes.

1.  Pinterest Board

It’s almost too easy: just take an old-fashioned bulletin board, cover it with “pins”, and hang it around your neck! We’d probably opt for a humor-themed board so you have an excuse to wear pictures of animals with silly captions all night.

Bonus points: Carry around heart stickers so people can “like” your pins.

2.  Plants vs. Zombies

Everyone and their mother will be dressed as an Angry Bird. Be more creative by grabbing a friend and zombie-fying them while you turn yourself into a sunflower or other vegetative weapon from the fantastic game.

Bonus points: Add a bucket or traffic cone to the zombie’s head.

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3.  Sh*t Girls Say

Really you could do any of the “Sh*t ____ Say” videos, but the classic will be easiest to recognize. Get an appropriately cheap wig and be sure to perfect your “Twiiiiiinsies!!!”, your “Listen.Listen.Listen.” and of course, your “Shut…. UP”!

Bonus points: If you’re a dude and you “woo girl” with the best of them.

4.  Honey Boo Boo

Yes, you’ll probably be one of thousands, but if you can get a group to dress up as the entire family we’re fairly certain you’ll win any costume contest out there. Particularly if you all memorize the “Making Sketti” scene.

Bonus points: Affix subtitles to yourselves.

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5. Jim Halpert’s “Facebook”

Feeling especially lazy? Fear not – you can just take a page from Jim’s (Face)book and go as the world’s biggest social network. All you need is a little black face paint and you’re good to go!

Bonus points: If you wear fake ears to get the full Halpert effect.

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6. Apple Maps

Take a map of any city, incorrectly identify a bunch of landmarks, glue it to large cardboard, and voila! You’ll probably have spent more time and care making this costume than the developers did with the ill-fated app. Ziiiing!

Bonus points: If you use “bumping into people because you’re so bad at directions” as a pick up tactic.

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