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LinkedIn’s “Sponsored Updates” – a new way to reach your target audience

A few months ago, LinkedIn approached us to be a beta partner for their new marketing offering, Sponsored Updates.

Our answer was immediately “Yes.” As all of us social marketers now know, a paid content strategy is ever more critical to complement great organic content and engagement. Furthermore, LinkedIn’s large audience of engaged, professional digital marketers made it the right channel for us to reach a key target audience for Adobe, marketing decision makers. Many people know Adobe for our Adobe Creative Cloud, which provides tools and services for creative professionals to create amazing content, but most people don’t know that we also offer an array of digital marketing solutions through the Adobe Marketing Cloud, which allows our customers to then deploy, measure, and optimize their creative work.

When LinkedIn told us that we could target our content to audiences ranging from marketing practitioners to C-level marketing executives, we knew we had to try it. Over the course of 8 weeks, we continued to manage our Adobe LinkedIn company page as we always do – with a content calendar that provides a good balance of content from across our business; the only difference was that we would make conscious decisions on which posts to promote to our target audiences. Once a post was live, it was a simple process to promote it: select the ‘Sponsor Update’ button, target audience, and voila, our post was promoted. We could see real-time basic engagement statistics on how the post was performing, which helped us decide how to optimize our campaign.


To help understand impact, LinkedIn surveyed a group of marketing decision makers during and after the pilot, which proved positive results. After being exposed to our sponsored updates, marketing decision makers were:

  • 50% more likely to agree or strongly agree that “Adobe is shaping the future of digital marketing”
  • 79% more likely to agree or strongly agree that “Adobe can help me optimize my media spend”
  • 2.5x more likely to agree or strongly agree that Adobe’s Sponsored Updates “captured their attention”

Mission accomplished.