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Six Halloween Costumes Inspired By Current Memes & Social Media

Got your costume all ready for Halloween?! … Of course you don’t, it’s still a whole two days away! But don’t worry — we’ve got you covered with these last-minute DIY costumes.

1.  Pinterest Board

It’s almost too easy: just take an old-fashioned bulletin board, cover it with “pins”, and hang it around your neck! We’d probably opt for a humor-themed board so you have an excuse to wear pictures of animals with silly captions all night.

Bonus points: Carry around heart stickers so people can “like” your pins.

2.  Plants vs. Zombies

Everyone and their mother will be dressed as an Angry Bird. Be more creative by grabbing a friend and zombie-fying them while you turn yourself into a sunflower or other vegetative weapon from the fantastic game.

Bonus points: Add a bucket or traffic cone to the zombie’s head.

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3.  Sh*t Girls Say

Really you could do any of the “Sh*t ____ Say” videos, but the classic will be easiest to recognize. Get an appropriately cheap wig and be sure to perfect your “Twiiiiiinsies!!!”, your “Listen.Listen.Listen.” and of course, your “Shut…. UP”!

Bonus points: If you’re a dude and you “woo girl” with the best of them.

4.  Honey Boo Boo

Yes, you’ll probably be one of thousands, but if you can get a group to dress up as the entire family we’re fairly certain you’ll win any costume contest out there. Particularly if you all memorize the “Making Sketti” scene.

Bonus points: Affix subtitles to yourselves.

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5. Jim Halpert’s “Facebook”

Feeling especially lazy? Fear not – you can just take a page from Jim’s (Face)book and go as the world’s biggest social network. All you need is a little black face paint and you’re good to go!

Bonus points: If you wear fake ears to get the full Halpert effect.

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6. Apple Maps

Take a map of any city, incorrectly identify a bunch of landmarks, glue it to large cardboard, and voila! You’ll probably have spent more time and care making this costume than the developers did with the ill-fated app. Ziiiing!

Bonus points: If you use “bumping into people because you’re so bad at directions” as a pick up tactic.

Interest Targeting Is the Next Step for Brands Advertising on Twitter

By: Asma Stephan

Twitter has expanded their ad program with the use of interest targeting. While Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts give brands some ability to target users, the potential reach of these campaigns was limited to Tweeters who shared interests with current followers.

According to today’s announcement on the Twitter blog, interest targeting will not only help brands broaden their reach, but also more precisely target their audience.

For a broad reach, brands can target users using a comprehensive list of over 350 different interest categories, such as Home and Garden, or Style and Fashion or Hobbies and Interests.

This puts Twitter’s ad campaigns in a better position to compete with Facebook’s targeted ad offering, which features a similar checklist of categories. Brands who’ve seen success targeting niche audiences on Facebook would do well to incorporate interest targeting on Twitter.

Alternatively, brands can target a custom segment of specific Tweeters and any followers with shared interests. They can specify any relevant Twitter handles associated with the product, event, or initiative the brand is interested in promoting in order to reach a tight-knit network of Twitter users.

Targeting a set of users this way offers an especially provocative possibility: allowing brands the ability target their competition’s followers.

Though Twitter hasn’t released any hard data about the success of interest targeting, they report promising results, saying:

“[Beta advertisers] have seen significantly increased audience reach; others have creatively defined custom audiences to reach a very specific set of users. Across the board, they are seeing high engagement rates because they are reaching users who are interested in their content.”

Precisely reaching an audience with highly customized, highly targeted promotions is the holy grail of social media marketing. Twitter’s latest offering could prove to be a huge step in the right direction for brands.

What is your take on Twitter’s interest targeting? Do you already use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts? Does this launch make you more likely to create a Twitter marketing campaign? Tell us in the comments below!

Five Reasons Not To Abandon Email

At this point, we all know that social media is a powerful tool for business and, if leveraged correctly, can be an essential part of your marketing plan. Does this mean that social media should replace email? We say no and here’s why…

1. Road to Conversion

Email marketing is the perfect bedfellow to social media; together they form a holistic approach to project your message to a broad audience. For example, social media campaigns or newsletter opt-in promotions can be used to gain email addresses from fans and bring them into your contact list. Email marketing allows a brand to be more directly sales orientated than may be acceptable on a social media site.

2. Perfect Partner

Chances are, your email-marketing list is more robust than your fan or follower counts. Email can also be used to promote your social presence, drive awareness that you exist on social media, and provide more opportunities for you to connect with your customers. Users can be encouraged to follow you on social channels for daily updates and social sharing can be enabled to help grow your audience and drive traffic to your website. Judging by Twitter’s recent decision to start sending personalized weekly updates to their users, they also must agree that email is a useful ally.

3. Freedom Of Choice

Some of your customers may still be reluctant to let brands into their social space and most still expect to be able to subscribe to email updates. An email address can be procured at the point of sale, and this puts you in the driving seat to start a relationship. Customers who are already interested in your brand or have already bought from you are your most valuable contacts and email is a great way to get advertising copy to those people.

4. Permanence

Email is not as time sensitive as the transient social media update which lives in an ever-moving News Feed. It can be opened by the recipient at their leisure and can be referenced time and again. Whilst it is true that a subscriber can still choose not to open an email, they will at least have the choice. Email messages also allow you the freedom to get your full message across rather than the more fun and engaging but truncated messages via social media.

5. Personal Touch

Emails can be customised using details from your database to add a personal touch to your communications. A users name can be added, a product review of a recent purchase can be requested, or you can send directly relevant content to them based on their interest preferences. This customisation allows your messages to be personal and targeted, meaning users are less likely to unsubscribe – allowing you to build longer-term relationships and encourage repeat business.

Social media and email should be complementary channels that promote your business and each other. Maximise the potential of both by ensuring that they are fully integrated with each other in your marketing plan.