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The Social Employee

At Adobe, we always talk about empowering employee participation in social given the power of the collective voice for a brand. Until this point, there hasn’t been a collection of “how to’s” pulled together about tapping into this important resource. Cheryl Burgess and Mark Burgess of Blue Focus Marketing attempt to do just that in a new book, The Social Employee: How Great Companies Make Social Media Work, where they’ve interviewed brands – Adobe included – on their social enablement programs and best practices.

In our contribution to the book, we shared how we got organized and set up our Center of Excellence. Adobe’s approach to overseeing the entire company’s social media program is about providing guardrails vs. hard-fast rules when it comes to engagement –nuanced, yes, but in line with our company’s values. We also discuss how our social strategists strive to innovate constantly and how measuring social ROI though rigorous metrics – a hot topic these days – is imperative.

Re-reading the chapter and looking back at what we’ve done as a brand, it’s great to see the progress we’ve made as a socially innovative company.  We now have more than 2000 employees actively engaging on behalf of the brand; we’re delivering great campaigns and delivering bottom line results.  Our path to organizing and resourcing sure wasn’t easy, but Adobe’s culture and executive support of our social programs made the road a whole lot easier – something that isn’t status quo across many organizations. I think our story, along with ones from AT&T, Dell, Cisco, Southwest Airlines and others, will be helpful to both new and seasoned social practitioners.

For an animated look at what’s in the book, check out this trailer:

The Social Employee is available now on iBooks and will be on bookshelves on August 23.