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Does Your Content Pass The “So What” Test?

This is who you're trying to reach. Will you pass her 'So What' test?

This is who you want to reach. Will you?

Whether you love information overload or you hate it, one thing is certain: it’s here to stay.

Which means that despite all of our shiny new communications channels, it’s not getting any easier to connect with the people you’re trying to reach. So what do you do about it?

It’s simple: focus on quality.

We’re all so busy filling up our social media channels with a regular stream of content that we often don’t spend enough time thinking about whether what we’re sharing is actually interesting, useful, or just plain fun.

Here’s the catch: it’s not easy, especially if you’ve read all the social media expert advice about ensuring you’re Tweeting several times a day every day, and angling your posts for the Eastern time zone, for example, to get maximum reach. If you sign up for a strict schedule, filling up your content calendar starts to make Sisyphus’s job look easy. We struggle with this all the time on our Adobe channels.

The next time you’re reviewing your content calendar, use the “So What?” test. Ask yourself, “Is this something my fans / friends / followers are truly going to care about or will they shrug and say ‘So what?'”

If the answer is yes, congratulations! You’re on the right track. For extra bonus points, don’t hit the Publish button just yet. Find the why-this-matters-now link or image. Look for the proof that will make people say, “wow!” or “that’s cool,” that makes them think “I want to learn more”. When you know without a doubt that you are providing ‘a-ha’ moments, you’ve passed the “So What?” test and are finding the right things to share.

Interest Targeting Is the Next Step for Brands Advertising on Twitter

By: Asma Stephan

Twitter has expanded their ad program with the use of interest targeting. While Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts give brands some ability to target users, the potential reach of these campaigns was limited to Tweeters who shared interests with current followers.

According to today’s announcement on the Twitter blog, interest targeting will not only help brands broaden their reach, but also more precisely target their audience.

For a broad reach, brands can target users using a comprehensive list of over 350 different interest categories, such as Home and Garden, or Style and Fashion or Hobbies and Interests.

This puts Twitter’s ad campaigns in a better position to compete with Facebook’s targeted ad offering, which features a similar checklist of categories. Brands who’ve seen success targeting niche audiences on Facebook would do well to incorporate interest targeting on Twitter.

Alternatively, brands can target a custom segment of specific Tweeters and any followers with shared interests. They can specify any relevant Twitter handles associated with the product, event, or initiative the brand is interested in promoting in order to reach a tight-knit network of Twitter users.

Targeting a set of users this way offers an especially provocative possibility: allowing brands the ability target their competition’s followers.

Though Twitter hasn’t released any hard data about the success of interest targeting, they report promising results, saying:

“[Beta advertisers] have seen significantly increased audience reach; others have creatively defined custom audiences to reach a very specific set of users. Across the board, they are seeing high engagement rates because they are reaching users who are interested in their content.”

Precisely reaching an audience with highly customized, highly targeted promotions is the holy grail of social media marketing. Twitter’s latest offering could prove to be a huge step in the right direction for brands.

What is your take on Twitter’s interest targeting? Do you already use Promoted Tweets and Promoted Accounts? Does this launch make you more likely to create a Twitter marketing campaign? Tell us in the comments below!