Innovation cannot be contained – cont.

This is a follow-up post from my previous entry on this topic
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It is evident from the energy at Adobe Partner Community events that we find ourselves in a very special place where the stakes are never been higher. The industry is changing. Enterprise applications are coming under heavy pressure to catch up to our expectations of ‘usability’. And whether we realize it or not, our expectations have changed. As consumers of technology we have a very developed a profoundly different expectation of how applications should look and behave.
– I should intuitively know how to interact with an application.
– I shouldn’t need a manual or a week long training class to use Google or to build a myYahoo page, or the buy a book on
So, why do we tolerate arcane enterprise systems – where memorization of steps and screen inputs rule the day? Where if you squint your eyes, you can actually see the rows and tables of a database? The answer is that we don’t have to…and the world of enterprise software is colliding with and is be subsumed by the consumer web. As in our personal lives, we are beginning to define our loyalties and brand preference based upon the experiences that we receive on-line.  If an application or web experience falls short, we shout NEXT!  If an application enraptures and delights us, then we keep coming back.
This is a dangerous (new) reality for corporations.  Today, I don’t just tell a few friends about a bad experience – I tweet, blog, Yelp, and post a note on my facebook page. I can now affect thousands of people…in real time. These colliding dynamics are forcing companies to rethink how they provide an immersive and compelling customer experience on-line.  And Adobe, and more importantly our partners, are at the center of that transformation.
And if you want further proof, then join us in New York on 24+25 August at our next partner community event. You will see firsthand how the combination of Adobe technologies, brilliant UX design and an inspired army of partners are disrupting an industry and delighting customers.

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