Adobe Partner Community Event in Barcelona

Adobe’s partner community community conference in Barcelona this week was another outstanding event. In fact, even getting my pocket picked on the Ramblas couldn’t dampen the mood. Over 150 partners descended upon one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The content and dialog was inspirational and the party on Tuesday night was epic, as usual — it even managed to siphon partners away from SAP’s FKOM.

DAY Software took center stage at the event with most presentations wrapping around the delivery of experiential content in a multi-device world. David Nuescheler, DAY CTO, was rockin’ the house and showing off the simple beauty of his baby, CQ5. Everyone was blown away by the speed and elegance of the solution. And, hey, if you were not able to attend, don’t fear. We have posted the presentations for your viewing pleasure — ENJOY!

I highly recommend the presentation on Day 2 — no, not mine! But the pitch from Cleve, CTO at Cognifide. It is a brilliantly articulated vision around the market dynamics and technical requirements of delivering compelling, emotional user design. It, in fact, made me feel a bit pedestrian in my view of this market segment.

Our partner community conference is back on the road and heading for New Orleans. We hope that you can join us on March 22nd and 23rd.

One Response to Adobe Partner Community Event in Barcelona

  1. Amit says:

    Good to see Day taking center stage right from the first event in 2011. This is going to be incredible year for WCM in conjunction with LC and Omniture.Looking forward to partner presentations.