Changing future of role of user experience

Guest post by Corey Glickman, RDV Global Lead of Capgemini

Attending the Barcelona Adobe partner meeting around the theme of how customer experience management was very engaging. The theme of the day was all around the emerging trend that what the customer experienced was not only a rising concept across business and IT, but it was actually a key factor in launching a successful solution based on how users chose to interact through technology and social networks with their favorite brands.

My part of the discussion was to stress the point that due to the nature seen in future business models where users will navigate complex systems of decentralized technologies through engaging interfaces, current standards and practices used to define and design user experiences were no longer adequate for the task at hand. I shared examples on how using visualization in conjunction new UX toolkits based on Collaborative Decision Making, Behavior Science, Game Mechanics, and Business Analytics were vital to meet this rising challenge. This discussion was well received and drove interesting conversations on the rapidly changing future of role of user experience defining success business models and those who will need to define and deliver these solutions.

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