Guess What? Marketing Doesn’t Care How Much Money WCM Saves IT

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Guess What? Marketing Doesn’t Care How Much Money WCM Saves IT.

When I started in the WCM business in 2003, the value proposition focused on the technology’s ability to shift work from highly skilled IT resources to non-technical business users. It was a straight up “lets reduce your IT spend” play with the CIO in mind.

Fast-forward to 2011. The Second Great Awakening of WCM is in full swing. This time fueled not by cost conscious IT organizations but a generation of tech savvy marketing pros. They see technology as a critical tool that allows them to connect with customers in a deeper and more meaningful way.
In chatting with our clients, it has become clear there are 3 major drivers that are influencing them to make CQ5 a core part of their marketing strategy.

1. The demographic of one…
Our clients love the idea of personalization coupled with analytics. CQ5 allows our clients to measure the effectiveness of campaigns. This gives them the flexibility to make meaningful changes ensuring they hit the mark with customers.

2. MacBooks, iPads, and Droids…Oh My…
Check this out. According to Pew Research Center 85% of Americans own cell phones while only 76% own computers. When you look at the highly prized 18-29 year old demographic, cell phone owners increase to 96%.

Our clients see massive value and higher conversion rates when they can deliver a channel specific experience for consumption across multiple devices. Device emulation features in CQ5 ensure marketers can easily connect effectively with customers no matter what device they are using.

3. It’s all about the Cloud…the Clickstream Cloud!
A niche is a nugget of gold to our clients…and just as hard to find. Successfully identifying and targeting an underserved market creates massive opportunity. CQ Targeting is a great tool that provides information about our client’s customers including behavior, history, and profile information. This allows them to more effective segment their messaging.
There is no doubt feature-rich CQ5 is well positioned to capitalize on this growing WCM market.
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