The science of new marketing

Guest post from Sarah Samplonius | Marketing | 4Point

The theme of the day at this year’s Adobe Partner Community Day (March 22 and 23, 2011 in New Orleans) was (in my humble opinion) summarized best by a statement made by Rob Tarkoff (@rtarkoff). He mentioned at one point that there is the “science of new marketing”. This idea, that marketing is undergoing a change and its foundation is more “science”-based than “fluff”, was carried through a number of presentations. As a marketer in a techie organization, it pleases me to see the shift in emphasis. Truly marketing is a play-ah now. Or it should be.

Sessions by Bruce Temkin (@btemkin) and Scott Stratten (@unmarketing) followed on this theme. Bruce spoke with great energy on how companies need to do a better job of communicating with customers and dealing with customer feedback. Had a “yeah” moment when he pointed out that companies should not rush into social media, but instead should look at how they are currently interacting with customers. Final word: Fix existing issues before rushing into a new medium for exchange.

@unmarketing was even better. I’d finished his book on the plane, so was prepared for his take, and was pleased to see that despite having read the book, I wasn’t bored to tears when he spoke (YEAH moment there for you). Agree wholeheartedly with his approach to marketing and the need for a change. Like how he gets that “awesome” wins every time. Who doesn’t love awesome? Companies need to find it, foster it, and support it for their customers and their employees.

Each corroborated and clarified an ongoing message. That marketing is everything you do, and it’s certainly not just your collateral. They push the idea that marketing departments shouldn’t be marcom departments (managing brand stamping on collateral, events, etc.), but should be transforming the entire organization to think, live, breathe, and communicate what the organization is. This stems from and also trickles down into customer engagement, in that your brand is about how you respond to your customers (old, new, and those that are in between).

This entire message supported Adobe’s customer experience management platform. Adobe has the tools companies need to make it easier to deliver awesome. And now, after NOLA, it’s nice to see that Adobe is taking their platform’s power seriously and supporting it with real ideas on how to bring the platform to life in your organization.

Nice one Adobe!


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