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LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase

On 25 August we are hosting the 4th in a series of Adobe LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase events. These events are a unique opportunity to get recognition for the LiveCycle based solutions that you bring to market. Winners of the showcase events enjoy increased visibility, marketing promotions and joint collateral.

To get an idea what these events are like you can play the video of the Amsterdam showcase below. To submit your solution go here.

Partner LiveCycle Showcase Solutions

Our global series of Partner LiveCycle Solution Showcases offers us a unique platform to discover leading-edge solutions solving distinct business issues, whilst offering a fantastic customer experience.

To share these with the wider community, we have produced joint Solution Briefs with the winning partners of each Solution Showcase.

Here are the first few for you to check out:

Introducing: Adobe Enterprise Café

Adobe’s Technical marketing team launched the NEW Adobe Enterprise Café, the
next exciting version of LiveCycle Café. This latest release will represent
Acrobat, Connect, ColdFusion, and the Adobe Flash Platform, in addition to

The Adobe Enterprise Café AIR app helps you stay in touch with Adobe
teams and the enterprise community, receive news, find information, and
aggregate content related to the entire enterprise community knowledge base.
This is great place for all partners to receive timely news and stayed

Also have a look at the Adobe Partner Solution Showcase under the tab “Demos”. Solution Showcase winners can use populate this area with marketing materials.


This air application
absolutely rocks!  This will be the primary venue for Adobe sales, partners
and customers to peer into and to immerse themselves into the world of our
enterprise solutions

- Ed Van Siclen, Vice President,
Technology & Partner Solutions, Adobe

Please take a moment and download the app today. Go to Enterprise
Developer Center
to install.

Any Screen, One Screen

New CS5 content in the Developer Connection

Adobe Developer Connection

In support of the Adobe Creative Suit 5
ship, we published the following new and updated content in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Adobe Flash Catalyst
For more, visit the
following Developer Centers:

Creative Suite 5 Broadcast

Adobe launched Creative Suite 5 on April 12 with a live online event. You can now review that broadcast online.

Every Adobe Solution Partner should take the time to watch this broadcast. There is a lot of news that will interest you. For example, integration with Omniture for measuring effectiveness of your online application, the new version of Flash and new, improved developer tools. 

The Adobe LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase

The first LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase took place on Feb. 17, in San Jose, CA. 

Nine solutions were presented by partners to a panel of Adobe judges. Additional Solution Showcases are scheduled in DC, Amsterdam & San Jose. Watch the video to find out more information on the showcases and contact your Adobe partner manager or Gail Richley ( Partner Program Manager if you’d like to submit your LiveCycle based Solution.

Video: Adobe EMEA Solution Partner Summit in Paris

In January 2010 we hosted EMEA Solution Partner Summits in Paris and Munich. During the two days we had great exchange of ideas and the opportunity to network with Adobe and Adobe partners.

We have created a short video of the session in Paris, you can watch it right here:

LiveCycle ES2 review from Network World

networkworld.jpg published a review of LiveCycle ES2 titled “Adobe LiveCycle gives business apps a shot in the arm.”
“The quality of the accelerators’ coding and documentation was impressive. I installed and modified the eSubmissions Solution Accelerator, which lets users collect and approve PDF documents required for filing new drug applications with regulatory agencies. Since this accelerator bundles review, commenting, approval and ondemand building blocks, I estimate the development cycle was cut in half for a production-ready application.”

Kumar Vora Discusses Cloud Computing and Government

Kumar Vora, VP and GM of our LiveCycle business, was recently interviewed about cloud computing and government on Focus Washington TechView. The video includes conversation on government challenges that cloud computing can help address, as well as potential security and privacy concerns of this newer approach and technologies available to address them. 

Interested in staying updated on Adobe in the Government market? Follow the team on Twitter at: @AdobeGov, and check out the Government Bits blog.