ESPN uses Flash Platform to enable largest ever US sports webcast

On Friday, posted a blog that reported on their viewership metrics for
the games.  They noted the U.S. vs. Algeria game streamed was the “largest
U.S. audience ever for a sports event on the web” with 1.1 million unique
viewers.  The article also reports that through 14 days of World Cup
coverage, five million viewers have watched the World Cup on and
consumed more than 9.2 million total hours.
June 24, 2010

– Algeria: ESPN’s Highest-Rated and Most-Watched Soccer Telecast

Times Square, NYC

Innovation cannot be contained – cont.

This is a follow-up post from my previous entry on this topic
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It is evident from the energy at Adobe Partner Community events that we find ourselves in a very special place where the stakes are never been higher. The industry is changing. Enterprise applications are coming under heavy pressure to catch up to our expectations of ‘usability’. And whether we realize it or not, our expectations have changed. As consumers of technology we have a very developed a profoundly different expectation of how applications should look and behave.
– I should intuitively know how to interact with an application.
– I shouldn’t need a manual or a week long training class to use Google or to build a myYahoo page, or the buy a book on
So, why do we tolerate arcane enterprise systems – where memorization of steps and screen inputs rule the day? Where if you squint your eyes, you can actually see the rows and tables of a database? The answer is that we don’t have to…and the world of enterprise software is colliding with and is be subsumed by the consumer web. As in our personal lives, we are beginning to define our loyalties and brand preference based upon the experiences that we receive on-line.  If an application or web experience falls short, we shout NEXT!  If an application enraptures and delights us, then we keep coming back.
This is a dangerous (new) reality for corporations.  Today, I don’t just tell a few friends about a bad experience – I tweet, blog, Yelp, and post a note on my facebook page. I can now affect thousands of people…in real time. These colliding dynamics are forcing companies to rethink how they provide an immersive and compelling customer experience on-line.  And Adobe, and more importantly our partners, are at the center of that transformation.
And if you want further proof, then join us in New York on 24+25 August at our next partner community event. You will see firsthand how the combination of Adobe technologies, brilliant UX design and an inspired army of partners are disrupting an industry and delighting customers.

Innovation cannot be contained

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Innovation simply cannot be contained. And innovation certainly is not the exclusive purview of Silicon Valley – that much is for certain.  Innovation derives its source of energy from inspiration. And Innovation was on full display last week in Amsterdam, from an inspired group of Adobe Solution Partners – from countries like Italy, France, England, Norway, Germany, Belgium and the US – who descended on Amsterdam to showcase their brilliant LiveCycle based solutions.
The third installment of the LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase took place last week in Amsterdam with over 100 partners attending this two day event. A broad array of partner built solutions was highlighted. And the breadth of solutions continues to illustrate the broad applicability of the LiveCycle family of products. Here are just a few of the solution areas that were on display:
  • Insurance Enrollment
  • Online Collaborative Budgeting
  • Public Information Management Services
  • Real Time Financial Information
  • Citizen Self Service
  • Combining Composite RIA and Enterprise Mashups
  • e-Invoicing
  • Advanced Communication Chatting System
  • Electronic permission
  • RAP- Rapid Administrative Procedures
  • Dynamic Questionnaire for Insurance Underwriting
  • SAP Forms & Process Management Integration
There is really no excuse for anyone in our partner community not to attend these events.  It is priceless to see what your peers are doing. Socializing with other partners is perhaps the most powerful aspect of this event…well, that and the boat ride through the canals of Amsterdam to have dinner in the 1920’s Olympic stadium isn’t too bad either.
All kidding aside, here is some powerful evidence of our community at work.  We actually now have a group of 15 regional partners in Europe banning together to create a logical services company with pan-European reach. In addition to the obvious benefit of an expanded delivery model, this group plans to push solutions through the other partner organizations.  One of these partners has a 70% market share in Denmark for an Adobe based solution that his company built.  Imagine the possibilities if he can achieve similar success in other countries through this group – and he has both the solution and the domain expertise to bring to the table, while is partners provide reach and access into new markets.  The possibilities are tremendous.  And the inspiration behind this idea came on the heels of an Adobe sponsored partner event.
It is important to realize that there is an admittedly selfish aspect to these events, as well.  We use these venues to listen, learn and help.  Providing partners with a stage to present their solutions has allowed rich insight how partners are taking Adobe technologies to market, which in turn highlights areas where we can improve from program features, to our enablement approach and to marketing plans that must align to and support our community. Also in attendance at these events are representatives from Adobe engineering, professional services, product marketing, technical services and sales – all of whom support these shows and judge the showcase competition. So, a full spectrum of Adobe personnel is engaged.  This broadens our collective consciousness around the expanding needs and capabilities of this partner network.  It truly is a special cocktail of people and perspectives that energize and inspire both sides of the partnership.
Oh and I almost forgot – we don’t just listen and learn from our partners — we help, too.  All of the 6 winning solutions from this event will receive Adobe’s assistance in developing a marketing and sales package, wrapped around the partner’s solutions, to help both companies accelerate into target markets and deal flow. We recently loaded sales and marketing assets from previous showcase winners into the new Enterprise Café air application, which you can download here (  Check it out.

Introducing: Adobe Enterprise Café

Adobe’s Technical marketing team launched the NEW Adobe Enterprise Café, the
next exciting version of LiveCycle Café. This latest release will represent
Acrobat, Connect, ColdFusion, and the Adobe Flash Platform, in addition to

The Adobe Enterprise Café AIR app helps you stay in touch with Adobe
teams and the enterprise community, receive news, find information, and
aggregate content related to the entire enterprise community knowledge base.
This is great place for all partners to receive timely news and stayed

Also have a look at the Adobe Partner Solution Showcase under the tab “Demos”. Solution Showcase winners can use populate this area with marketing materials.


This air application
absolutely rocks!  This will be the primary venue for Adobe sales, partners
and customers to peer into and to immerse themselves into the world of our
enterprise solutions

– Ed Van Siclen, Vice President,
Technology & Partner Solutions, Adobe

Please take a moment and download the app today. Go to Enterprise
Developer Center
to install.

Any Screen, One Screen

New CS5 content in the Developer Connection

Adobe Developer Connection

In support of the Adobe Creative Suit 5
ship, we published the following new and updated content in the Adobe Developer Connection.

Adobe Flash Catalyst
For more, visit the
following Developer Centers:

Creative Suite 5 Broadcast

Adobe launched Creative Suite 5 on April 12 with a live online event. You can now review that broadcast online.

Every Adobe Solution Partner should take the time to watch this broadcast. There is a lot of news that will interest you. For example, integration with Omniture for measuring effectiveness of your online application, the new version of Flash and new, improved developer tools. 

The Adobe LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase

The first LiveCycle Partner Solution Showcase took place on Feb. 17, in San Jose, CA. 

Nine solutions were presented by partners to a panel of Adobe judges. Additional Solution Showcases are scheduled in DC, Amsterdam & San Jose. Watch the video to find out more information on the showcases and contact your Adobe partner manager or Gail Richley ( Partner Program Manager if you’d like to submit your LiveCycle based Solution.


Video: Adobe EMEA Solution Partner Summit in Paris

In January 2010 we hosted EMEA Solution Partner Summits in Paris and Munich. During the two days we had great exchange of ideas and the opportunity to network with Adobe and Adobe partners.

We have created a short video of the session in Paris, you can watch it right here: