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MAX-imum Energy

What a week!  MAX was outstanding — The Giants are in the World Series – I met Martha Stewart (and now have some great ideas for Thanksgiving) – I sat next to Jerry Brown on my flight back to the Bay Area (actually he sat 3 rows behind me and in a center seat!) – and finally, the mysterious conspiracy of the cosmos, which undoubtedly involved the alignment of moons and stars, has delivered yet another great DAY.

As of today the acquisition of DAY Software is now complete.

So on behalf of the entire Adobe partner organization and our global Enterprise Solution Partners, we want to welcome the DAY employees and partner community to Adobe.  We are thrilled to have DAY’s market leading WCM solution, acting as the gravitational nexus pulling all of Adobe’s assets together as we lead our assault of ridding the enterprise of applications devoid of emotion.

As the legions of Adobe developers made their annual pilgrimage to MAX, the experiential revolution could be felt in every nook and cranny of every presentation and every new innovation.  As the red monk “govenator” pointed out: we are in the midst of another major tectonic shift.  Gartner echoed this sentiment, as well.  In fact, our only disagreement was whether this new wave of enterprise applications would enthrall or electrify the customer experience.  The drab, lifeless expression of enterprise applications, which impose a drone mentality on the user, is over.

And the marriage of the right-brain creative partners with the left-brain systems integration partners will create a formidable force.  Over the next several weeks, we will be communicating our partner cross-pollination plans.  On the surface, our objective is simple.  Long standing LiveCycle partners can accelerate their understanding of DAY software by engaging the talented partners joining the Adobe customer experience revolution.  And vice versa, we want DAY partners to lean on our longstanding partner relationships to accelerate their understanding of Adobe technologies that transform the user experience of enterprise applications.  We will unveil our plans next week, so stay tuned!