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MAX-imum Energy

What a week!  MAX was outstanding — The Giants are in the World Series – I met Martha Stewart (and now have some great ideas for Thanksgiving) – I sat next to Jerry Brown on my flight back to the Bay Area (actually he sat 3 rows behind me and in a center seat!) – and finally, the mysterious conspiracy of the cosmos, which undoubtedly involved the alignment of moons and stars, has delivered yet another great DAY.

As of today the acquisition of DAY Software is now complete.

So on behalf of the entire Adobe partner organization and our global Enterprise Solution Partners, we want to welcome the DAY employees and partner community to Adobe.  We are thrilled to have DAY’s market leading WCM solution, acting as the gravitational nexus pulling all of Adobe’s assets together as we lead our assault of ridding the enterprise of applications devoid of emotion.

As the legions of Adobe developers made their annual pilgrimage to MAX, the experiential revolution could be felt in every nook and cranny of every presentation and every new innovation.  As the red monk “govenator” pointed out: we are in the midst of another major tectonic shift.  Gartner echoed this sentiment, as well.  In fact, our only disagreement was whether this new wave of enterprise applications would enthrall or electrify the customer experience.  The drab, lifeless expression of enterprise applications, which impose a drone mentality on the user, is over.

And the marriage of the right-brain creative partners with the left-brain systems integration partners will create a formidable force.  Over the next several weeks, we will be communicating our partner cross-pollination plans.  On the surface, our objective is simple.  Long standing LiveCycle partners can accelerate their understanding of DAY software by engaging the talented partners joining the Adobe customer experience revolution.  And vice versa, we want DAY partners to lean on our longstanding partner relationships to accelerate their understanding of Adobe technologies that transform the user experience of enterprise applications.  We will unveil our plans next week, so stay tuned!

It’s a Beautiful DAY!

Did you hear the news today? If you didn’t, then take a read about what’s happening here at Adobe…

This weekend I found myself toiling away, fumbling with expanding my home wifi network. As I was extending my WDS architected network (closet case geek), I noticed that I had 13 devices connected to my little router – 13! I swear that I only have 3 PC’s in the house. But then I remembered the Xbox, the Samsung DVD player, the Seagate NAS drive, the HP printer, the AppleTV and the list went on and on. So, I made two startling revelations: 1) I run the IT department in my house and 2) Toto, we’re not in Kansas anymore.

We ARE connected. Our lives are swelling online, weaving and twining through the fabric of the Internet – we are constantly connected. The shift has happened. And it seems like only yesterday that we impatiently waited for the mesmerizing whir, buzz, garbled beep and connection to the Internet via our US Robotics modem. And now look how far we have come! In a recently published report, it is projected that half of the US population will have a smart phone by the end of the next year.

So, how does this relate to Adobe, you ask? Well, I often find that stringing together separate threads serves to provide focus on a topic and ultimately reveal the answer. So, allow me to continue. During a recent meeting with my friends at Deloitte, one of their top strategists made the complex obvious. He stated that in a constantly connected world companies must establish a customer ‘conversation’. It is no longer good enough for a company to merely be a destination or an online store. In order to ‘thrive’ companies must engage with customers where they are, when they want and how they want.

For me, it has been fascinating to watch Starbucks leverage social media and other online properties to reconnect with their customers – where they exist online — to engage and sustain a conversation with them. I sat on panel a couple of weeks back with Chris Bruzzo, Starbucks’ VP of Brand, Content and Online. Chris has done a masterful job engaging his customers in conversation and community action/goodwill. And the benefit to the brand has been astonishing. Just take a look at Starbuck’s Ideas portal and their V2V initiative. It is very inspirational, engaging and brand reinforcing.

This tectonic shift is electrifying. And, as I mentioned in a previous blog, Adobe is at the center of this movement. We have many of the core pieces to help our customers not just exist but to thrive in this world – from artistic creation to enterprise class RIA tools to analytics to BPM and so much more. And today, we have added another pivotal piece to our customer experience management stack: Web Content Management (WCM). Yep, we acquired Day Software today. WCM provides the ‘voice’ for our customer experience management strategy and customer conversations. Adobe now possess the most complete set of integrated solutions that deliver compelling web experiences from initial design to ongoing communications and interactions with customers, delivering on our stated vision of the web as the hub of the customer interaction. So, look outside, or better yet look online – It’s a beautiful DAY!

To learn more about this acquisition, please visit the following blog post from Rob Tarkoff: