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From Inside-Out to Outside-In

It’s a panicked sense to terror that courses through me. That’s right. And sure, it may seem like an innocuous and mundane task, but I can sense it lurking in the shadows just waiting to spring into attack: purchase order approvals! You see, I have nothing against spending money, particularly when it’s not mine. But I can’t stand the byzantine maze that I must traverse to approve a PO. OK, so I am over exaggerating a bit. But come on, enterprise applications just have to change. Or, perhaps, should we update Ben Franklin’s famous quote: “in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes and horrific user experiences from legacy enterprise applications.”

The user revolt is on!

Last week, some of the senior leadership at Capgemini paid us a visit in San Jose. It is just terrific to witness the traction of user centric computing. Capgemini’s CTO, Andy Mulholland, is a big proponent of the YOU network. And true to form, the team from Capgemini were heralding the era of outside-in development. Their legacy approach of defining data models and construction of applications from the database out to the user is increasingly coming under fire from customers. It is not uncommon for this approach to lead to misaligned user expectations. Capgemini cited some examples where they built applications from the inside-out and in the end the application missed the mark on customer usability. So, they have moved to rapid prototyping of applications starting with the user experience, ensuring that they capture how the user truly interacts with the application. Once complete, they then wire the experience back into the customer’s IT infrastructure. And that’s how your move from inside-out development to outside-in.

For me, I know that the customer driven enterprise has arrived when a company the size, breadth and depth of Capgemini adopts the outside-in model. The YOU network is here. And the ‘YOU’ is us. We are driving change. We have accelerated our technical proficiency through our adoption of the dearth of smart, connected devices that are infiltrating our lives.  We now wield the power and we are no longer tolerant of applications dictating how we use them.

Give me the URL. Let me hit the application. Don’t you dare burden me with 6 weeks of training! Let the intuitive, alluring interface of the application walk me through a natural process of completing a task.

Ed Van Siclen
Vice President, Technology & Partner Solutions