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Appreciation and Authenticity in B2B Partnerships

Radiating Sunshine
Look, I know that it sounds a bit ‘touchy-feely’ when we start talking about ‘positivity’ and radiating your energy through others to lift them up. And I realize that those of you who know me are probably a bit suspicious when I say that I am now hooked on the concept. In sales, one of the most effective sales tools is our attitude. Customers can feel our enthusiasm when we are passionate about a something. We really do radiate our energy. And that energy truly ignites a chemical reaction in others and elevates their endorphin levels. It has been scientifically proven.
But science aside, we should always be positive and authentic in regards to how we carry ourselves. It’s just the right way to go through life and a bit of good karma never hurts. As we build our partner ecosystem, our extended world of sales and innovation needs to radiate the amazing energy that we are building here at Adobe. This genuine enthusiasm is contagious and will act as a gradational force to pull customers, analysts, partners and even more creative energy to bear on this market movement.
We were very fortunate to have had Mike Robbins join our annual partner conference in Vegas last month. Mike led a brilliant discussion around the impact of being positive and recognizing the contribution of others. He message is so simple, so often over looked and yet when embraced so powerful. Take a look my interview of Mike and start radiating your sunshine.