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I just love the internet way back machine.....

10 years ago, this is how the Acrobat page looked.....


I think I still have those trousers somewhere.....

Well last week was busy!

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No post last week, sorry about that, no great excuse, just very busy. We managed an Acrobat call blitz day which went very well, thanks in no small part to our new Marketing manager for Acrobat.

As a result of the call blitz I'm running a few online eSeminars this week, if you want to find out a little more and perhaps register too, here's the url you need....


just take a look and hit the "Register" button. The eseminars are running on Tuesday and Thursday and I'll be looking at....

  • Manage collaborative reviews in multiple formats. Track, collect and organise feedback faster than ever, share files safely and streamline approvals electronically.

  • Turn paper-based workflows into electronic formats. Cut costs drastically, find and re-use existing information and increase responsiveness.

  • Keep sensitive information in the right hands. Control user access, set permissions and passwords, redact confidential data and certify finalised files.

  • Simplify your archiving and document compliance. Preserve official documents in PDF format, combine and deliver content more easily and reduce your company's liabilty

Forrester Consulting, on behalf of Adobe, conducted independent, online surveys of 700 U.S.-based respondents and 3,000 European-based participants to understand more about collaborative work within their respective geographies. The studies, completed in September 2009 and December 2008, respectively, involved knowledge workers with full-time employment who have office productivity software tools, an Internet-connected computer and work in organizations of various sizes.

The surveys found that while collaboration is pervasive across both regions, nearly 70 percent of knowledge workers believe improvements are needed, with top benefits sought including the speed and efficiency of collaboration and an associated reduction of paperwork (each approximately two-thirds). On this and many key findings, workers in the United States and Europe found strong common ground.

Security - Watermarks

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Sooooo, I've been saying this in security eSeminars and meetings for ages now.... Watermarks are a really useful tool in helping to keep your documents and other contenet secure.

Since most document loss is accidental... (I send you a document and you think the content is so great you share it with some who actually shouldn't really have access) ... If you watermark documents with the appropriate phrase, they're less likely to be accidentaly shared. It's easy to imagine how a large "Company Confidential" watermark might stop someone from inadvertently sharing a document with partners or customers.

The best bit? It's really easy to do, take a look here.....

....see I told you!

Busy weekend

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What a busy weekend it was... first the bad...


Gloucester somehow are conspiring to become the most awful team in the Guinnes Premiership losing quite pathetically to a resurgent Wasps. Two tries from Mark Van Gisbergen and one each from Dominic Waldouck and Serge Betsen helped Wasps seal a well deserved bonus-point win at Kingsholm.

So Saturday was poor, then on Sunday Manchester United were beaten 0-2 at Anfield by Liverpool who ended their worst sequence of results since 1987. It has to be said, we were.... deservedly beaten at Anfield, crikey that was hard to say.

....and now the good


Watford beat Sheffield Midweek 4-1 on Friday night, a match we all thoroughly enjoyed in the Rookery.

Saturday's final NCT class has left me feeling like I might not be completely all at sea when our first born son comes along... By the way, this is what he's currently looking like...


The Nursery is coming along a treat too, 3 coats of paint in, 2 to go!

Today I'll be on a training course to improve my communcation and presentation skills, I'm hoping that future Blog posts will make more sense. I'm also hoping that it will help me create some new innovative presentations on aspects of Acrobat. You know how it is, you can often describe a subtle nuance of your work in coversation but are unable to put it down in a more formal way, let's hope todays training might help that.


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