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Day 1: Why am I so late to the blogging business?

So, I've finally started a Blog. Why? Well, in my role as the Business Development Manager for Adobe Acrobat, I've become a stranger to the Stockley Park office these past 8 months as I'm spending all my time at events or with customers. I thought it would be good for my friends and colleagues, maybe also those who know of my existence but wondered what I do, to see what I'm up to.

What I'll also try to do is to note down some of those Acrobat related things that I'm asked on a regular basis. It seems that certain events throw up different issues and questions.

I'll also try and make this a good read, I have no idea how that's going to turn out, I never kept much of a jornal as a lad so I have no idea if my writing stype is humourous or not.... let's see if my hits top 12 eh?


Welcome to the blogosphere Steve! Hopefully we'll hear some more from you soon. And don't worry, you'll definitely top 12 hits. ;-)

It's great to see you in the blog world, Steve - it's wonderful and encouraging to discover people who are passionate about the contributions of Acrobat today as well as the potential of PDF in the future!

I - and my Team - look forward to your postings and insights.

Can you explain why Acrobat 8 is such a pain to install (it took us 48 man-hours to get it working after upgrading to CS3 Web premium [Win XP Pro]). Then we made the mistake of permitting auto-update to completely stop it working after the 8.1.0. updater had done it's stuff.

Also, why is it so tightly integrated into practically every aspect of the OS? And why is it so big - nearly 900MB.

Cool blog.
Thanks, admin.

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How does one label a pdf image or diagram? Please advise.

Thank you!

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