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I am often asked why the Acrobat application is so large, in fact I get the same question about the Reader application too. I wonder if people think programmers are getting sloppy and aplication software is needlessly large these days. I do recall learning to write assembly language (yes, I'm THAT old) and being told to save every byte.

The simple truth about Acrobat is that it must meet the requirements of very large and disparate user community. Everyone from Architects, Lawyers, Educators, Engineers, Marketeers, Musketeers (nope), Governments, Creatives and individuals, all use Acrobat for differing tasks and jobs.

As a result, when Adobe makes an upgrade, we add a whole lot of functionality improvements. The perception issue we have is that each individual might only notice a small percentage of those in their daily lives, depending on the parts of the product they use. Believe me though, the changes we make and features we add are driven by customer demand.

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How about making Acrobat reasonably usable by keyboard on a Mac? Unbeknownst to Apple, we really do need keystrokes and toolbar icons for last and first pages, and clicking in a page-number dialogue should select the whole thing, particularly since you make us look at, remember, and retype the last page number to go there.

“Customer demand.” Please.

((Steve Replies))
As far as I was aware, you could do this on a Mac using
"Shift+Command+Down Arrow" for the last page and
"Shift+Command+Up Arrow" for the first

There should also be the icons for first and last page in your navigation toolbar, they look like a triange pointing to a vertical line.

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