Ad hoc virtual meeting

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So, I was asked to deliver another seminar to some Universities last week... Now I'm based in London and have been travelling all over the UK and beyond every week for the last 8 months, so I wanted to do this without annoying my finacee.

Seemed like a good cue for Acrobat Connect Professional. I was able to work from my home office and present to a collection of delegates who were spread all over the country. We ran a show and tell seminar where everyone concerned only needed the free Flash player on their PC or Mac, everyone could see me via webcam, hear me with Voice over IP and also see my laptop screen. Even better, I was able to hand over control of my desktop to a delegate...(and grab it back when I wanted... I'm not crazy).

But the best bit? No lengthy setup, the meeting room exists in perpetuity, so all I did was email my room details out and everyone met half an hour later!

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