All quiet on the western front

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So, the ask the expert session was quite today. Is it because it's Friday the 13th? Are we all scared to touch our IT?

I've used the time instead to add some Flash based pods to my Connect environment. I now have a map of the world that shows where the meting attendees are located, be it New York, Munich, Beijing or Darlington.

I also have a virtual set of fridge magnet letters, so you can leave me naughty messages while we wait for meetings to start. There are, however, not enough 'e's as is often the case. Any imaginative sentences containing lots of everyones least favourite vowel "U" are welcome. Ive often thought of it as a bit of a freeloader anyway, 'a's and 'e's cary the weight of the vowel community in my opinion.... hey, I'm just calling it as I see it.

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