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As I type, dear reader, I have just returned from my "Stag weekend" or bachelor party as I believe my North american friends would have me say. I spent my time in Newcastle-upon-tyne (temp 15 degrees celcius, rain) and my future bride spent the weekend in Pisa and Florence (temp 33 degrees c, sunny)..... that's how smart I am.

The weekend has passed off OK. I still have both of my eyebrows, at no point was I dressed as anything else but myself, I did not end up on a train to Minsk and a quick scan with a mirror reveals no surprise tattoos...result. I am though, pretty darn tired, managing 4 hours of sleep since Friday morning, my friends took it in turn to keep me awake.

So, I'm feeling blank, which is my radio 2 style slinky-link into mentioning somthing that I explained at a training event I delivered last Wednesday. I was asked about creating a PDF page from scratch and entering text. People often say to me things like "Acrobat is great, but I just want to open it and start typing". people also often say "Steve, you are so handsome, why did you give up being a male model?"

The PDF first, you can start creating a PDF from a blank page (of any size you choose)

Choose File > Create PDF > From Blank Page.
Begin typing the text you want to add to the blank page.
Add any formatting to the text by selecting it and selecting options on the New Document toolbar.
As needed, select other tools and options that you want to apply to the PDF.
Choose File > Save, and select a name and location for the PDF file.
Note: When the page is filled with text, the PDF Editor automatically adds a new blank page to the document.

It's really handy for short documents and there's quite a bit of formatting available from the toolbar and options. Sometimes it's just easier than starting a document from Word, or a clipboard image, you can now just start from scratch.

Well, the second question is much harder to answer... I'll save it for another post.

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