Friday morning - I'm an expert

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Friday morning, so it's the "Ask the expert" session again. An hour of answering unusual questions from people who, I think, might know more about Acrobat than I do. We'll see what it turns up this week.

Earlier this week I spent an afternoon meeting with a print services company to see if we might be able to integrate Acrobat into their offerings. It didn't sem like an obvious fit but once they had explained how they worked and what they sold I had a great time showing them things that would make their life easier....

Shared review on a document - great for bidding for business.
Ad Hoc forms creation and data capture - Customer relations and information gathering for customer intelligence
Email archive into PDF - Sarbanes Oxley anyone?
Scanning to PDF including OCR?

All good baby, all good! And people think Acrobat is all about creating PDF!
Au revour tout le monde!

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