T Minus 14 days

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So, in 2 weeks I'll be getting married. The plans have been well contained thus far, but now I am entering the zone where I'm advised to simply open my wallet and turn my head away from the carnage. Just how much can Bridesmaids shoes cost anyway, I've seen them and, for the money I've spent, I'd expected them to include lasers or at least a mini TV! When I was a child, I wore Clarks Commando's and they had a built in Compass!

I'm running my usual ask the expert session again this morning at 10:00, so that will take my mind off things. I'll also be preparing to ake my Adobe Acrobat ACE exam next week, I should have completed it ages ago but work has kept me away from the testing centre.... that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. I'll be glad to take the test and pass because then I can wear my "Acrobat Guru" T-shirt without feeling like a fraud.... I'm not saying I'll wear it a lot, it's just the principle.

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Uh, well don't forget to ENJOY the big day.

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