The doctor is in! Well, on Fridays

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In case my Friday 13th posts didn't make sense (apart from the Bradley Wiggins post) here are the details for my regular Friday phone in.

Every Friday - 10am - I run an hour long "Ask the expert" session on Meeting Place +44 (0)208 606 1105 p/w 5442 and if required I can use the Connect meeting room I have available.

I don't guarantee to answer all questions there and then but I'll do my best. As I mentioned, Acrobat users often know more about their specialist area than I do.

BTW - A quick congratulations to my fiancee who ran her forst 10K in around 8 years yesterday. Finished in 1 hour 30seconds, she was miffed at not dipping under the 60 minute mark, so that means I'm condemmed to some more early morning runs!!

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