The gods fear me

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Friday morning, just about to start the "Ask the expert" session and on a typical English summers day we have a temperature of 15 degrees C, pouring rain (it's official, the UK has a 5th season "Monsoon") and the thunder and lightning has just started.... I believe Thor is issuing forth thunderbolts in an attempt to put me off my stride. Well it isn't going to work.

In other news, I'd like to point out that the smile in my pic isn't forced, it's just that I do actually look that insincere!

I ran 3 more Acrobat Pro seminars this week using Acrobat Connect from my home office, I'm really enjoying the extra time these fre up because I don't have to travel to meet the audience, they just dial into my meeting room and away we go. I even gave one of the delegates control over my laptop, well, for a few seconds anyway.

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